We are launching several initiatives designed to ensure that Bitzero operates in harmony with the local communities where we operate. These include:
Community support programs
Training programmes to ensure local employment in data centre management
Agriculture development for sustainable winter produce for local and national supply chains

<5¢ USD kWh (all taxes and grid fees included)

Building the largest low-cost global environmentally friendly Bitcoin mining and HPC infrastructure
Remote locations mean leveraging excess power that is normally produced but never used
Accessing reliable, low-cost power is a major competitive advantage

Zero fossil fuel

Bitzero's highly dedicated, zero fossil fuel hydroelectric power supply represents the way forward.
We consult with local authorities to ensure that we build our sites in harmony with the local environment and climate.
We have launched a program to make best use of our data centers by recycling heat into greenhouses.
One of our happy Norwegian neighbors
One of our happy Norwegian neighbors